Tony Adema CPA, CMA
Improve your cents

Our mission is to assist all industries in cost effective accounting solutions from start up businesses to established businesses regardless of the size. We focus our attention to streamline, structure and implement various accounting means to search ways to improve cash flow, namely establishing how much of an increase in revenue growth through sales and various means is needed to improve and attract more business and issues related to cost control.

In the start-up phase of your business we assess adequate start up capital for operation expenditures, monitor revenue growth and from this we effectively forecast when or if additional funds are required and the amount that may be required and in the time lines these funds will be needed.

Every factor of the financial business platform needs to be structured correctly from the foundation up for a business to effectively flourish. To ensure this; we first evaluate:

  1. Where is the business going?
  2. What are we doing now and how do we get there?
  3. What are the pitfalls to avoid in starting the business or maintain existing business?
  4. What is transpiring in the books?

We also perform (but not limited to) Controller functions that are structured for the business to succeed:

  1. Manage day-to-day accounting and cash flow maintenance, including, but not limited to: payroll processing,  accounts receivable and collections, and accounts payable distributions.
  2. Update financial models and analyze budget to actual activity.
  3. Implement and/or create fundamental accounting policies and procedures.
  4. Implement accounting software and establish chart of accounts.
  5. Prepare financial management reports in a timely manner for use by the management team and the Board to run the business.
  6. Help recruit, build and manage the accounting and finance department
  7. Handle basic Human Resource tasks such as maintaining employee files, generating offer letters, researching benefit questions, processing RPP activities, etc.
  8. Manage annual audit preparation and process
  9. Act as the historian with respect to accounting matters

Understanding that every business is unique in what they require for accounting purposes and principles, our services are structured to provide a custom accounting platform that fits the specifications and budget of the business. First step in searching what a business requires is…..we meet….

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